Get Inside Hindi Alt-Rock Act Daira's Mind With Their Debut Music Video 'Meri Soch'

In its 18 odd months of existence as a band, Daira has had a lot on its plate. With putting together their album launch last year with their own hard earned money to winning a slot to compete at the Hornbill festival to a new guitarist joining their lineup, Daira has been through the ups and downs that you'd associate with a seasoned band. 

With their official debut music video releasing today on the web, TV and also to be performed live later in the day at BlueFROG, expect Daira to be unconventional even off stage as they are on. While most indie acts stick to the unerring format of teasers, selfie video countdowns and jam room clips, Daira put together a campaign to support the launch of their first music video ‘Meri Soch’. With the band creating a good ol’ Google doc to rope in volunteers, for what they back then called their ‘secret project’ (which we now know is a video), Daira managed to extract what people’s defining ‘soch’ rather thoughts were and plastered it all across their Facebook feed to varying degrees of success. All those who saw this form back in the day and expected it to be yet another form of a community philanthropic activity where a band takes your money for whatsoever reasons, well, this wasn’t that. This was just Daira’s attempt to test the waters of an evolved form of word of mouth. 

When we last spoke to the band during the launch of their Pepsi Unbox video, Daira confessed that their eponymous debut album doesn’t have a common theme binding it together. However, their self-produced debut music video, literally put together piece by piece, does well with its stand-alone theme which revolves around personal opinions and prejudices. We spoke to each member of the band to elicit what their soch is, irrespective to this track, and like most of us would say, the band spoke about topics like how peer pressure, societal norms and habit smother you into being just another cog in the clockwork. Typically, issues any band who’s taken the independent plunge would face. And as is with most Daira tracks, expect rolling grooves, unexpected guitar fillers, a mind-blowing guitar solo which you’ll see the latest member to join the Daira roser, guitarist Shivam Pant deiver at the Frog tonight and piercing vocals that stay with you long after the song has ended. 

Directed by Ashwyn Warrier & Fahad Sheikh and edited by Rajeev Mohanty, Meri Soch’s video uses typefaces that reflect the mood and genre of the song. With the band not being big fans of making screen appearances, Daira’s debut video is a direct reflection of their onstage and off personality – minimal, independent and loud.

Catch Daira’s first music video exclusively HERE.

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