Has Science Created Music Meant Exclusively For Cats?

Not that your cat was ever the giver of limitless attention, but you’d at least expect a blink when you play the ‘theme song of your life’ on full blast. Ever thought that the reason behind this is that your cat is super hipster when it comes to music and listens to very, very niche stuff? David Tele figured this out and set out to create species-specific music, starting with cats, with his project “music for cats” that is scientifically proven to sound good to cats.
According to the man who is either supremely passionate about the cause or has a lot of free time, our emotional response to music is tied to the sounds we hear when our brains are developing - and the sounds humans and cats hear at that stage of their lives are very different. (Does this explain why cats are indifferent to music made by humans for humans? It should.) While rock, jazz and slow blues are your top three genres, your cat prefers “the chirping of birds, the sucking of milk, or the purring of their mother”. Tele has taken such sounds and matched it to the frequency range that cats use to communicate and hey presto, finally something your cat wouldn’t mind after a long day ofendless purring and toy-mouse chasing.
Not only has this kind of music been tested and verified by leading animal scientists, but it has also been tried out by real pet cats and has recieved a nod from almost all of them.
Does your kitty think this is ‘purrfect’? Click HERE to find out.

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