Inner Sanctum To Release A New Song

It has been a while since Bangalore-based death/thrash metal band, Inner Sanctum, has put some new material on record. The band stormed into the metal scene in India with their debut EP, Provenance, in 2009. Since then many a fan of the band has waited patiently for them to release new songs. That wait will finally be over on January 24 as the band is finally ready to come out with their new single, “Wake Of Destruction”. The single will be released on Pepsi MTV Indies and with it Inner Sanctum has a surprise in store for all their fans.

Lyrically, the song is about warfare in general and the devastation caused by it. “In a nutshell, it is about the ills of caused by war. The song is from my point of view and in it I talk about nationalism and these artificial devices which lead to war. The song is against any kind of war. It does not matter if you are waging the war for your country or for your religion. At the end of the day you are just killing people. The song also talks about how many people are brainwashed and how they take up arms for false beliefs,” says Gaurav Basu aka Acid Toad, the vocalist of Inner Sanctum and the lyricist of “Wake Of Destruction”.

Inner Sanctum’s sound has evolved quite a bit over the years. The bands new songs, which they have played in their live shows in recent times, clearly show that they have gotten heavier and groovier as the days have passed. In spite of that they have still kept the old Inner Sanctum vibe in their sound. “Wake Of Destruction” would be a classic example of this sound. “The songwriting process as a whole has improved and the new sound is a proof of that. We all have evolved as musicians. Our songs have gotten faster, heavier and they have become a bit more aggressive. Overall, our songs have become a better package than what Provenance EP was,” says Abhishek Michael, the bassist of Inner Sanctum.

Here is another piece of good news for all you Inner Sanctum fans out there. The band is finally ready with their debut album, Legions Awake, and they are planning to release it in March this year. Apart from “Wake Of Destruction” and the title track, “Legions Awake”, the album will consist of songs such as “Tainted Soil”, “March Of The Wounded”, “Guardian”, “Reflections Of The Past” and “Realms Of Oblivion”. This album will come from Inner Sanctum six years after they released Provenance EP. “I think it is pointless to release something every year. There is no point in releasing something that is half-baked just because you haven’t released something in a while. If it was taking so long to be done with the album, it might as well be good and I think it is definitely going to be much more than what people are expecting. It is going to be worth the wait for everybody,” says Michael.

Consisting of Basu, Michael, guitarists Suraj Galvady and Chintan Chinappa and drummer Avinav Yogesh, Inner Sanctum has wooed metalheads not only in India but also abroad. After the release of the album, the band plans to go on a Europe tour for the second time. “We will be playing at the Inferno Festival in Norway and the rest of the tour would be announced by the middle of February. As of now, I can say that we will be playing in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and maybe Austria. We will be getting back to India on April 25 and touring with the album over here,” says Michael.

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