10 Songs From The 2000s That Are Still Crowd Favourites

The independent music scene in India has developed quite a lot since the past decade. As we revel over the increasing popularity of Independent music in India these days, here are 10 songs that make us go back in time and understand who we are and why we are here today. 

1. “PSP 12” by Zero

Hook, the second album released by alt rock band Zero in 2002, is perhaps the most iconic album by the band and “PSP 12” became one of the most popular songs of the past decade. Sid Coutto of Zero had revealed in an interview that Girish ‘Bobby’ Talwar and he had written the song while waiting for Warren Mendonsa (Blackstratblues) and Garreth D’Mello (of Split, Dischordian) to arrive for a jam session. Listen to the song HERE

2. “But It Rained” by Parikrama

Technically speaking this song was released in 1996 but still it is included in this list due to its immense popularity throughout the past decade and even now for that matter. When Parikrama opened for Iron Maiden in Bangalore, they were surprised to hear a 40,000 strong crowd singing this song along with them. That is the level of popularity that “But It Rained” as gathered over the years. #22YearsofParikrama. Listen to it HERE.

3. “Bandeh” by Indian Ocean

Black Friday was an iconic movie and “Bandeh” is still one of the most memorable songs of the past decade. What to say about this song? Damn! We miss those days when Indian Ocean used to comprise of Susmit Sen, Asheem Chakravarty, Rahul Ram and Amit Kilam. Even till today you can see one college band or the other covering “Bandeh” at a college festival. Listen to it HERE.

4. “It’s Ok” By Junkyard Groove

Ameeth Thomas and the boys nailed it on this one. Even today you can find the crowd singing along to this song in a Junkyard Groove gig. Hats off to the acoustic rhythms, melodic solos and exceptional songwriting! Watch the video HERE.

5. “It’s Raining Now” by Dream Out Loud

Before Suraj Jagan became a household name in Bollywood (Rock On), he was the vocalist of Dream Out Loud and this song is one of his masterpieces. A soulful and melodic song, “It’s Raining Now” can touch your hearts right from the word go. Watch the video HERE

6. “Mindstreet” by Motherjane

The early 2000s were the days when Motherjane shined the brightest. Those were the days when Baiju Dharmajan was making history with his guitar. “Mindstreet” is a song from that era when Motherjane took India by storm. 

7. “Ambar” by The Raghu Dixit Project

Perhaps the most soulful song in Raghu Dixit’s debut album Antaragni, this song has been a crowd favourite since the album’s release. 

8. “Durga” by Advaita

Advaita showed to their audiences that alternative and psychedelic rock can be fused with Indian Classical. The band recently completed a decade of making music and “Durga” is a classic example of their brilliance. Watch HERE.

9. “Zephyretta” by Them Clones

Them Clones is Rock n Roll at its best and “Zephyretta” is a song that can woo you like your first love. Watch the video HERE

10. “Aadu Pambe” by Avial

This song, which features folk vocalist Aparnashree, is one of the masterpieces from Avial’s debut self-titled album. Watch it HERE

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