14 Facts About Jim Morrison That Only A True Fan Can Tell You

James Douglas Morrison a.k.a Jim Morrison was many things but is best known as the ‘Lizard King’ or the ‘King of Orgasmic Rock’. Because of his rebellious song writing, wild personality, electric stage performances and dramatic circumstances surrounding his life and death, he is regarded as one of the most influential frontmen in the history of rock music. He was a highly intelligent (he had an IQ of 149, scored 528 in math and 630 in the verbal on his SATs), over-sensitive man who always felt his true calling was to be a poet though he was and still is mainly recognized for his music with The Doors.

To celebrate what would’ve been his 72nd birthday today, allow us to give you a bunch of interesting facts about the legendary rockstar, so you have a story to tell your friends the next time you’re yelling 'let it roll baby roll' at the next whiskey bar.

1. Jim Morrison was a filmmaker and a director too. He attended UCLA's film school where he studied films and theatre arts. He directed HWY - An American Pastoral, which was an experimental film in Direct Cinema style.


2. When Jim Morrison was four years old, he witnessed a car accident in a desert in which several Red Indians were killed on the highway and there was a lot of blood on the road. It was Jim's first brush with death and had a huge impact on him and his music. The event affected him immensely and he even sang the song “Peace Frog” which was about this incident. 


3. Jim named his Night Mist 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 “The Blue Lady”.


4. ‘Mr Mojo Risin’ is an anagram for ‘Jim Morrison’. Jim told several friends that after he faked his death, he would send them a note letting them know he was alive and well. The name he said he'd use was Mr Mojo Risin. He also chants the phrase in LA Woman. 


5. Jim did the vocals to "When the Music's Over" in one take.


6. He was a huge fan of Friedrich Nietzsche. He was repeatedly seen around the streets of LA holding a copy of “Beyond Good and Evil”.


7. Jim was popular for his raw, sexual appeal and his equally erratic behaviour on stage. On March 1, 1969, The Doors played the Dinner Key Auditorium in Miami Florida.  4 days later, on March 5, the Dade County sheriff’s office issued a warrant for Jim Morrison’s arrest. Felony charge of lewd and lascivious behaviour and five misdemeanours; two counts of indecent exposure, two of public profanity and one of public drunkenness.  On September 20, 1970 the jury found Jim Morrison guilty on the misdemeanour charges of indecent exposure and profanity. He has been arrested a total of six times.


8.  During the recording of “You’re Lost, Little Girl”, the band wanted Jim to soften his voice for a certain part, but because his voice was too deep they had to improvise and how. Pamela Courson, one of Jim’s girlfriends came in and performed oral sex on him  while he did the take. Worked like magic! 


9. Jim wrote a poem called "The Celebration of the Lizard" that first appeared on the sleeve of Waiting For The Sun. It went "I am the Lizard King, I can do anything." The nickname stuck on owing to his obsession with reptiles. 


10. During a party in Los Angeles in 1967, upon a confrontation with Janis Joplin he threatened her by saying that he could "unleash an army of tiny beasts" upon her. She then threw a bottle at his face. He then spent an hour in the garden attempting to summon his lizard army with a Native American dance called the 'Paqawatusi' - to little success of course.


11. One night he improvised the lyrics of “The End”. He later told one of his friends that the reference of the ‘Father’ in the song is rules imposed by society and ‘Mother’ is Christian education.


12. Jim Morrison grew a beard and gained a few pounds later on in his life because he had become frustrated and depressed that many people only saw him as a sex symbol. He wanted to be known for his music and poetry instead of just his looks. Drugs and alcoholism probably played a role here though.


13. Jim passed away in a bathtub in France in 1971, and since medical examiners found no evidence of foul play, an autopsy was never performed. So while it's easy to conjure up some theories on how Morrison died (heart failure, drug overdose, leaving Earth for his home planet), the cause of death will never be definitively known.


14. Around 1990 Morrison's father, George Stephen Morrison, placed a flat stone on his grave. The stone bears the Greek inscription “ΚΑΤΑ ΤΟΝ ΑΙΜΟΝΑ ΕΑΥΤΟΥ”, literally meaning "according to his own daemon" and usually interpreted as "true to his own spirit." In retrospect, Jim Morrison was a deeply disturbed genius. His poems, lyrics and his performances can never be replicated, they stand in a league of their own and they should be the thing he is best remembered for. There can never be another Jim Morrison.


If you know any more interesting facts about him, let us know in the comments below.

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