7 Honey Singh Lyrics That Will Make You Question Humanity

Rap is a vocal technique, while hip-hop is a subculture. Honey Singh, who claims to be proficient with both is basically an embarrassment. Sure, after copious amounts of alcohol, (most of his songs being about that too), one may feel their inner booty-twerker rise up and take flight. But, a few Google searches later you realize that you were dancing to something wrong. So wrong. We've done the Googling for you and after seriously considering suicide, we’ve put together a list of seven songs containing pearls of inappropriate wisdom as Honey, or Yo Yo, whatever he wants his first name to be, celebrates his 33rd birthday today. 

breakup party
chaar botle
isse khete hai hip hop

So, while we’re sure bottles of vodka in fours are being consumed, women in yellow dresses are being objectified and people who may have a future in rap are slitting their wrists, we wish Honey a very happy birthday! 

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