7 Phenomenal Bands from Shillong You Need to Know About

Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya, is a melting pot of musical cultures. The city, often referred to as the rock capital of India, has seen few of the most significant musicians of the Indian scene take form and rise to prominence. Here's a list of 7 bands that display the wide gamut of music the city takes pride in associating itself with. 

1. Shillong Chamber Choir

Harmonies, melodies and beautifully maintained high pitches abound compositions of the Shillong Chamber Choir. From western classical to Bollywood-themed covers, this collective, directed by Neil Nongkynrih is the winner of India's Got Talent, 2010 that experiments with the soundscape in their unique original choral-style. 

Listen to their cover of "Yaadon Ki Baarat/ Dil Hai Chota Sa" below.

2. Soulmate 

One of the country's most popular blues bands, Soulmate, was started by guitarist Rudy Wallang and vocalist Tipriti Kharbangar. The band, who recently released their third album Ten Stories Up, are truly, the believers of a heady mix of blues and rock n' roll. 

Listen to their single "Set Me Free" HERE.

3. Plague Throat

Advocators of the death metal genre, Plague Throat was formed in 2006 and came out with their debut album Powerplay only within two years of forming. They have also performed at Germany's prestigious Wacken Open Air Festival this year. Listen to their single "The Pretentious and the Deceived from their EP An Exordium To Contagion below.

4. Afflatus

You would be surprised to know that this all-girl band (read more here) are teachers at Shillong's university colleges. When they're not teaching, they're jamming to create some stupendous musical pieces. 

Listen to their single "Testimony" HERE.

5. Tarik 

Originally from Shillong and currently residing in Delhi, this punk-inspired audio-visual band represents Shillong in a light not many know the city as. Their songs are symbolic of the many unsavory aspects standing tall against a backdrop of the title 'Scotland of India'. Listen to their single "Hollywood Tailors" below.

6. Street Stories

Having recently played at the Ziro Festival of Music, this indie pop band was formed in 2010 and takes a lot of inspiration from American pop-punk band Blink 182. This band has all that it takes to earn world class recognition - energetic riffs, quirky melodies and great production value. Listen their groovy single "Stuck in Today" HERE.

7. Lou Majaw

Lou Majaw, one of the foremost musicians of Shillong, has been the pioneering factor to bring Bob Dylon to the streets of the city with his yearly tribute gigs on Bob Dylan's birthday. Most interestingly, Soulmate's Rudy Wallang used to play with Lou Majaw in their then-band The Great Society. 

Photo Credit: Binu JJ

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