An Exclusive Playlist Of Exclusive Indie Tracks

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to release indie music from all across the nation, but every once in a while, we come across a song that NEEDS to be out there! Post this blog, you’ll notice that there’s something about these particular tracks that just refuses to leave you alone once you’re done with them. For your eyes and ears, we’re putting together a list of these tracks. Click on the images below, listen to the tracks, allow the music to assimilate through your system and let us know what you think. 

Suchi and Ranjith – No Time For Love

Simple songs are sometimes the best. You may or may not speak Tamil, but then when was the last time understanding a language was essential to enjoying a song? 


Symphony Novel – The Lake

In this EDM-ridden world, the lake by Symphony Novel is a breath of fresh air. With a dark, gritty tune with a video to match, this song has super earworm potential – one of the reasons why the track recently won the  The Akademia Music Awards for the Best Music Video ( Ambient / Rock ) in  Beverly Hills, California 


Shilpa Narayan – Pinch Me

With a song which rests in the Rihanna meets Alanis Morissette vocal space complimented with complex lyrical chops, we’re more than happy that Shilpa Narayan left her Wall Street job behind to pursue music. ‘Somebody, pinch me’ is bound to echo in the insides of your head long after the track ends.


Bit Of Both – Time

Bit of both which features Ashvin Mani Sharma and Ash Roy, collaborated with Anushka Manchanda for Time – a song which leaves the typical panned camera shots behind and literally takes you back in time through the childhood pictures of the three artists. Pretty people aren’t always required to make pretty videos and this video is testimony to the statement.

bit f both

Nightwings III – Ministry Of Fools

Shot all across Delhi, we can’t seem to decide which one is heavier – the video or the track. Now, whether the title of the song and the location has a deeper connect not instantly visible, we don’t know. Why don’t you listen to the track and find out?  


Walky Talkies – Lage Reh

In our Bollywood obsessed country, Lage Reh by The Walky Talkies encapsulates the struggle of every person who has long harbored the dream of making it on the big screen. 

lage reh

Neha Bhasin – Akh Kashni

How much sexy can you squeeze into one song? Ask Neha Bhasin who’s managed to pack in oodles in the video of her track ‘Akh Kashni’. A treat to deep-seated feminist in you, this has a surprise waiting at its end. Make sure you stick to the video till then. 

akh kashni

Tanuja Desai Hidier – Heptanesia

Is writing a book very different from writing a song and singing it too? Apparently it isn’t for London based author and singer Tanuja Desai Hidier.  If Bombay is still a mystery to you, this particular song may just click.


Barefaced Liar – Mind Over Matter

Good old rock never goes out of fashion. The boys from Delhi based outfit Barefaced Liar and their song Mind Over Matter prove just that. Featuring Hamza Kazi and Abhishek Kamdar on Drums and Bass respectively, Mind Over Matter is a song that will “light” your day up. *The pun will be apparent when you check the video out. 



Ankur Tewari – Tujhe Jaane Bina

Exquisite musicianship, detailed videos and promotion over every possible platform available. This is what Ankur Tewari DIDN’T do with his track ‘Tujhe Jaane Bina’. Meant to be a lullaby, this song is bound to put you in a happy place.


From writing the song to recording the music to shooting the video to finally releasing the track – indie artists go through all this trouble for just two things. To satisfy their passion and give you something that’ll help you defy the current notion of ‘lack of talent in the indie scene’.  You can do bit by giving these songs a listen. By the end of this list, you’ll realize there’s more than necessary talent out there. 

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