Interview: The Quiet River Quartet

The Quiet River Quartet, indie-rockers from Imphal, is really submerged into expressing through their music, in an atmosphere where people are ready to label you quicker than you can reach the mike. Formed in December 2013 (how they got together is another story), the four-piece outfit, consisting of Nitin (Vocals & guitar), Bhupen (Guitar), Avinash (bass) and Jyotin (drums), rose to fame by playing at gigs in Manipur and slowly started to open for artists like Boomerang and We the Giants. We spoke to them about their formation, journey and the story behind their complex band name.

It all began on Facebook

“The Quiet River Quartet is what our audience identifies us as and we are a bunch of complete strangers teaming up and struggling together with just one goal – to keep our audience looking forward to the kind of music that we make. Unlike most successful/struggling-for-success bands we were not friends before we started. It was Nitin our frontman who in a FB post floated an idea for a band and started to look for whoever was interested. Fortunately, after a quick response from Bhupen, things materialized and subsequently, Avinash and Jyotin joined in.
How they got here
“Like many struggling bands we too did our best to ensure our music reached as many people as possible. We got an overwhelming response from both friends and unknown music lovers on the Internet. Then, we got our first gig sharing the stage with Boomarang. With this started a series of music events where we got to perform live in front of larger audience and also with many local bands. Our second single –Do Not Forget To Pull The Trigger got released in June last year and it was featured in a UK based podcast called The Sound of Confusion for its October podcast. So it looks like we’re slowly but effectively moving towards achieving our goal - that is to keep our audience looking forward to what we do.”
Why “The Quiet River Quarter”?
“Well, there isn't really a funny or an interesting story behind the naming of our band. Neither was it a product of any philosophy or influence nor a comical incident or was it a case of a misnomer and such. As a group of mere acquaintances we just randomly threw in suggestions of names and we all finally agreed on 'The Quiet River Quartet' as the name. So, basically, not much time and thought went into it.”
Their musical influences
We worship the work of bands like Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Kasabian and our playlists primarily consist of a lot of Britpop stuff. Most of our songs are worked on drawing inspirations from these bands. The idea of London Bridge was inspired from Oasis’ The Importance of being Idle. The song talks about a person’s observations and experiences about traveling back in time witnessing the London Bridge falling down.
What next?
Well, as a band we would like to write and compose as much as we can. The immediate plan is to write enough songs to come out with an album or atleast an EP. Further, we look forward to as many live performances so as to reach out to more listeners.


Photo credit: Soibam Pritam Singh.

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