Seven Lies Every Musician Has Told At Least Once

So, we live in a country where our ideas of day’s revolve around ‘Valentine’, ‘Friendship’ and… well, nothing much that we can think of extempore. The West either due to a lot of free time or creativity, has invented and religiously follows a number of days, some harmless and some that’ll kick those deep seated Indian mentality right in the &^%$#. A quick Google search revealed that today is ‘Tell A Lie’ day and we couldn’t help but make a list of go-to lies that EVERY musician must have, is or will use in their lifetime. 

1. I’m almost there.

What it should mean: I’ll be there in five minutes. Max ten.

What it really means: I didn’t even know I was supposed to be there and in all probability I won’t even be.

2. I’ve got rehearsals.

What it means: I’m a hard-working musician who puts his music above everything else.

What it really means: Music is the best excuse to get out of situations right from funerals to mandatory fam meets.

3. I love that band. Like LOVE them.

What it means: I’ve been a dedicated fan of this act following their work through the ages.

What it really means: Other than vaguely remembering the band name I know nothing else about them but I don’t want to look like an uninformed twat compared to you.

4. My playing may not be up to the mark because I’m kinda unwell.

What it means: The body sometimes gets in the way. We’re human after all.

What it means: The body is more than willing but because a lump of potatoes has more drive than me, it’ll probably take me millennia to get anywhere near good.

5. You guys sounded SO good.

What it means: Your band sounded like one whose CD I would want to buy right now.

What it really means: I’d end up in the seventh pit of hell if I told you what I really thought of your band.

6. We don’t care about what people think of our music.

What it means: Music is an art form. And opinions about art will always be subjective.

What it really means: We may pretend we don’t care but will hold grudges against you for a lifetime if you don’t ‘like’ our last update on social media.

And the classic…

7. Let’s jam sometime soon.

What it means: You’re skill is worthy and exchanging ideas with you will be a beneficial for us both.

What it really means: I’m don’t ever want to see you again.

If you’re a musician, how many of these tried-and-tested lies are you guilty of using?

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