This Is Why You Should ALWAYS Allow A Musician To Carry His Instrument During Flights

Glancing through unappetizing menus with even more unappealing puns, playing the Macarena in your head when the air hostess does her mandatory drill and wondering how your one, tiny phone could emit signals of such magnanimous proportions that your flight ends up as a great ball of fire in the sky. These are the things one does while one goes from ground zero to airborne. But, not those on-board the Indigo flight which Bangalore Folk/Fusion Swarathma caught not so long ago. While the crowd was divided into team ‘Hotel California’ and team ‘Wonderwall’, frontman Vasu Dixit quietly unboxed his acoustic guitar and jumped right into the opening lines of ‘Pyaasi’ to put this feud to an end. 

Catch the whole video HERE.

And hey airline folks, phones were on Airplane Mode while this was being captured. So, breathe.

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