What Musicians Say And What Musicians Mean

A musician lets his music do the talking for him. But, in today’s world, where we feel the incessant need to update the world about everything right to the latest trick courtesy your neighbour’s cat, musicians have caught on too. So, personally and via the 654 social media platforms that exist, musicians say a whole lotta things. Here’s a quick guide to what escapes from of a musician’s mouth and generally what it translates to.

What they say: You really have to see us live.

What they mean: Our demos sound like s%^.


What they say: You really have to hear our demo.

What they mean: Our live gigs sound like s%^.


What they say: The sound/production really didn’t do us justice.

What they mean: Our gigs and demos both sound like s%^ and blaming the sound guy for our incompetency is much easier.


What they say: We don’t sound like anyone else at all.

What they mean: Sometimes, we don’t even sound like what we wanted to in the first place. 


What they say: All these categories and sub-genres are meaningless.

What they mean: We’re still a hardcore-trash-grind-pop metal band.


What they say: Our band couldn’t operate if one of us left.

What they mean: If a major record label were to point that one of us isn’t very good we’d be more than happy to replace that member with the record label owner’s third cousin. 


What they say: We’re a singer-songwriter project.

What they mean: We’re not good enough to play with more than one musician. Sometimes, not even with ourselves.


What they say: We want to get our message to as many people as possible.

What they mean: We want money, women, drugs, booked shows, women. Did we mention women?


What they say: Our lyrics are open to interpretation.

What they mean: We aren’t sure what they mean to us in the first place. 


What they say: Our songs mean different things to different people.

What they mean: Because if you notice closely, they’re just a bunch of random words put together that that thankfully rhyme.


What they say: We’d rather people hate us than don’t give a shit.

What they mean: But we’ll lock ourselves in our bedrooms and cry ourselves to sleep every night if a critic prints out one bad word against us.


What they say: This EP/Album has a darker sound than our previous one.

What they mean: Please don’t laugh at it like you did the last time. Please.


What they say: The time wasn’t right for the album.

What they mean: And nor was the place, the people or our music.


What they say: We don’t need a label, we’re going to do it all by ourselves.

What they mean: Did you know that the bassist’s mom has set our latest track as her ringtone? Yeah, we’re famous.


What they say: We split because of creative differences.

What they mean: We finally found a drummer who can actually keep time.


All characters that this blog has been written about are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. And having fun is not a crime.

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