Who Really Composed The SWAT Kats Theme Song?

Do names like T-Bone and Razor make your eyes mist up with nostalgia? No? If you lived through the time when one day your favourite cartoons magically switched their language of choice from English to Hindi, then maybe ‘Bade Miaow’ and ‘Chote Miaow’ might. While we’re not here to discuss how awesome the ‘radical squadron’ was and how they just don’t make cartoons the way they used to, we’re here to talk about the theme track which was as awesome as these anthropomorphic felines. Over the years there have been rumors that right from Metallica to Iron Maiden have been the brains behind this score but we’re here to feed you your daily dose of #TIL and tell you that it was not. The brain behind this is a composer by the name of Randall Crissman.

randall crissman

While California-native Randall has composed scores for scores (pun unintended) of TV and film series which include the Emmy winning Life with Louie, the Emmy nominated Ozzy & Drix and more, there’s also loads of original material where he’s played guitar and bass. Check it all out on his official site HERE.

And for old time’s sake, here’s the score that conditioned our childhood. (The lucky ones, at least.)

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