Vic Firth: The End Of An Era

Vic Firth, a long time timpanist and the founder of a very successful drumstick company that bears his name, passed away on Monday at the age of 85.  He revolutionised drumsticks and became a household name for generations of percussionists. 

News of his death set off an avalanche of mourning messages on social media, with Vic Firth becoming a top trending item on Twitter, as percussionists recalled the sticks of the company he founded in 1963.

We talk to some Indian drummers about what Vic firth means to them:

Jai Row Kavi


I have a lot of respect for Vic Firth. He started off his inspiring career as a musician and a teacher and moved on to make world class drumsticks. He revolutionized the way sticks are made; he set the standards very high with his attention to detail on all his products. Things like pitch pairing didn't happen before him. I'm extremely lucky and humbled to endorse and play his sticks. Sadly he will be missed, but his legacy will stay on forever.

Gino Banks


I have played and been playing Vic Firth sticks my whole life and am happy to be an artist endorsee of the brand. They are without a doubt the best drumsticks made. And it's all because of Vic’s great vision, determination and dedication to make 'the perfect pair'! He was an icon in the drum industry and a pioneer!

Hamza Kazi


Sometime around 2000, I was bitten by the drum bug. Without even knowing how to play, I used to go to Bhargava's Music to buy generic drumsticks that, back then, used to cost Rs. 10. I used to break them while beating them on pots and pans and I'd dream of owning a pair of Vic Firths, which used cost Rs. 595. A couple years later, when I started learning professionally, I bought my first pair of Vic Firth 5Bs. It's been 13 years and I haven't used any other brand of sticks. I upgraded to Danny Carey Signatures that I used to order from Musicians Friend in the US until I started getting them here. 

I'm not an official endorsee of the brand but the logo has always been on my bass drum. After all, my idols Danny Carey, Gavin Harrison and Tomas Haake swear by the brand. 

I can imagine the loss to the company considering that Mr. Vic Firth would still visit the factory to ensure the quality is maintained

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